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365 days ː Natural Fermentation

  • 365 days for collecting around 80 ingredients
  • Another 365 days for going through fermentation into the best condition in the nature
  • Ten seconds for skin to feel the efforts of two rounds of  365 days’ sincere efforts

Effects of Natural Fermentation Ingredients

Skin aging is the natural phenomenon as a human ages.Skin aging accelerates with skin exposure to UV rays or active oxygen. Skin aging is characterized as the skin dryness arising from the reduction of natural moisture factors of skin corneum and the reduced recovery ability following skin damage.  The reduced collagen or elastin reduces the skinelasticity and incurs delicate wrinkles.

Fermentation is the process in which yeast secretes various enzymes beneficial to humans. It makes new materials from general plants that are more helpful and induces useful effects for the skin.

Natural fermentation ingredients are full of sugar and fruit acid, known for its excellence in moisture.  Amino acid, such as, glycine, produces collagen and increases the cell vitality.  This improves the dull, damaged skin into its original, vital condition, and enhances skin elasticity, making the skin firm again.

Also, vitamin is attached to active oxygen that damages skin cells and eliminates them, thereby thwarting skin aging.  Messy pigmentation is also a symptom of photo-aging.  The anti-inflammatory effect of yeast extract prevents and heals pigmentation as well as it is anti-oxidant. In sum, natural fermentation ingredients are excellent in moisturizing and re-vitalizing the skin.


Excellence of Fermentation

Fermentation is the process in which micro-organisms disassemble organic matters with its own enzymes.  This process creates the nutrients or ingredients that cannot be found in the original state.  So, it produces things beneficial to our bodies.

The US health expert magazine, <HEALTH>, designates the world’s five healthy foods and two of them were fermentation foods.  The excellence of fermentation is widely known.

Such natural fermentation ingredients are superior in moisturizing and recovering the dull, damaged skin, and making them firm again.Cell-activation, anti-oxidant effects, and collagen synthesis of natural fermentation ingredients revitalize skin cells.

  • Increase of nutrients (protein, amino acid, vitamins, organic acid, etc)
  • Reduction of nutrients into particles without the loss of vitality
  • Creation of bioactive substance (vital life energy) with the enzyme activation of micro-organism
  • Removal of poison, detoxification of agricultural chemicals, decomposition of heavy metals, thereby creating safe ingredients

Fermentation can be processed in two ways.

There are two ways for fermentation: artificial and natural.Artificial fermentation is the plant fermentation system, inoculating the artificially cultivated micro-organism to produce the wanted ingredient while natural fermentation utilizes micro-organism at its own natural state to create various ingredients essential for life. Artificial fermentation creates the wanted ingredients in a short time, however, it cannot emulate the dynamics of vitality of living nature.

Natural fermentation takes a long time, however, it utilizes various, beneficial virus, at their original, natural states, thereby mirroring the very living vitality of the nature.

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